• Construction of private houses: where to start, whom to hire

    The desire to have their own home is quite natural for many people in big cities. Realize his dream into reality in the presence of cash in the shortest time possible, because the tolerance for the construction of low-rise buildings to get in 1 day is required, and, therefore, to spend money to join the SROs do not have to. Registration certificate for admission to the papers is mandatory for construction companies that are engaged in the erection of tall zdaniy.Itak, back to the question of construction. The main project is to prepare competent. Why not paint it yourself? Just because you can not take into account all the features of the house at once. At the time of its construction can be “drawn” unexpected problems, such as the construction of the chimney in a certain place. Has anyone ever thinks of him when he draws a draft? No, unless it is a professional designer who works with private and legal entities have the necessary security clearance to conduct their activities and can be literally a day of easy to draw a draft country doma. Pervoe how to begin the whole process – the choice of an appropriate “price” – “deadlines” – “quality” of the firm, unless of course you’re not going to build the house yourself. Of course, to erect one-story building with a loft and can be very true, without assistants still do not get along, and the timing in this case could drag on for an unknown time. Therefore, the most rational to entrust the construction of private houses specialized firm, the more so as to check its membership in the SRO and the availability of admission for a day just is not necessary. Way to consult on the issue of compulsory entry into SRO builders you can on any special resources on self-regulation, for example, the site of the Independent Center for licensing. It suffices to use the services of those who recommend friends, neighbors or acquaintances. If builders do not have friends, you can see who builds a house next to your site. Surely you will find those who will actually “liking.” The second phase of construction of private homes – the purchase of building materials. There may be two ways: – to entrust the purchase of building materials to his foreman – to seek their own and buying the necessary materialov.V the first case, it is likely “unfair settlement” by the superintendent. However, if he will provide all the cash and receipts, and report after each purchase, the risk of “buying cheap materials expensive” reduced significantly. You can go to buy construction materials along with the superintendent and pay the second case, the number of samomu.Vo spent in search of bricks, blocks, iron, etc. Does not always justify the wait. Often strangers called themselves sellers of building materials is quite high prices, while the foreman friend – their regular clients, they make good skidki. Trety stage in construction – controlling the process of erecting the house. It should be very careful and “dig” to every detail. If you let things take their course, the foreman can “relax” and take seriously the time frame for putting the house.




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